Sudoku Up 2014

Sudoku Up 2014

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Sudoku Up 2014's NEW v7.0 has arrived!

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 New Features in Sudoku Up 2014's - Version 7.0


New "Select Theme" feature

Added the new Select Theme feature in the Appearance tab. A theme is a set of graphic elements consisting in a background, a series of numbers and a grid. Several beautiful themes are included in Sudoku Up. Available themes are:
Abstract Blue
Sudoku Up 2014 - Abstract Blue theme
Sudoku Up 2014 - Celebration theme
Cherry Wood
Sudoku Up 2014 - Cherry Wood theme
Sudoku Up 2014 - Classic theme
Sudoku Up 2014 - Colors theme


Sudoku Up 2014 - Emoticons theme


Fun Animals
Sudoku Up 2014 - Fun Animals theme


Push Pin
Sudoku Up 2014 - Push Pin theme


Spiral Notepad
Sudoku Up 2014 - Spiral Notepad theme

 Version History


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Download the Free Trial Version! (Sudoku Up 2014's v7.0)

Click here to download the 30-day free Trial version
of Sudoku Up 2014 (18.4 MB).


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