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Version History Details > Sudoku Up 2008's NEW v2.0 has arrived! (May 25, 2008)


 New Features in Sudoku Up 2008's - Version 2.0 (May 25, 2008)


Large toolbar
Sudoku Up 2008 has a new toolbar with larger buttons. You can select your preferred size (small, medium or large) in the Customize dialog box from the Tools menu.

New Player's pictures feature
With Sudoku Up 2008, you can add a picture for a player. Sudoku Up provides, by default, a series of pictures (for example: boy, girl, man, woman, etc.). You can also use your own images by clicking the "Add your customized images" button.

Auto Pencil Marks
The New Auto Pencil Mark option has been added to the Game menu. By enabling Auto Pencil Marks, the program will fill every empty cell with all the numbers that can theoretically go there.

Show Cells with A...
The New "Show Cells with A..." option has been added to the Game menu. With this function, all the cells that contain the selected Number or Pencil Mark will be highlighted in the grid.

New Grids
Added the following new grids:

  • Gold
  • Multi-Colored
  • Wood

New Fonts for the Numbers
Added the following new Fonts for the Numbers:

  • Comic

  • Highlight

  • Pen


Download the Free Trial Version! (Sudoku Up 2018's NEW v9.0 - January 4, 2018)

Click here to download the 30-day free Trial version
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