Sudoku Up 2018

Sudoku Up 2018

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All the Sudoku Puzzles to play for all your life long (*) for only $6.99!

(*) If you play a Sudoku Puzzle every 5 minutes for all your life long (without sleeping), you will take almost 10,000 years to play all the Sudoku Puzzles included in Sudoku Up 2018.
We wish you living 10,000 years!

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Play Thousands of different Puzzles!

Sudoku Up includes thousands of different puzzles, so the game remains fresh no matter how many times you play.

Five difficulty levels to challenge your Skill

- Very Easy
- Easy
- Medium
- Difficult
- Very Difficult

Letters, Images and Fun Numbers

Tired of the old plain numbers?
Try the new letters, images and fun numbers !

images - Emoticons numbers and colors - Plastic Colored letters - Animated Letters images - Pool Balls
images - Game Icons letters - Foam Alphabet Letters images - Shiny Round Buttons letters - Grass and Sky
Sudoku Up 2018 - Children's Blocks - New Fonts and Numbers Sudoku Up 2018 - Birds - New Fonts and Numbers Sudoku Up 2018 - Fruits - New Fonts and Numbers Sudoku Up 2018 - Gift Boxes - New Fonts and Numbers

and Many More!...



A theme is a set of graphic elements consisting in a background, a series of numbers and a grid. Several beautiful themes are included in Sudoku Up. Some available themes are:

Sudoku Up 2018 - Abstract Blue theme Sudoku Up 2018 - Celebration theme
Sudoku Up 2018 - Colors theme Sudoku Up 2018 - Push Pin theme

Unique Scoring System and Statistics

Enter Hi-Scores and manage your Statistics. Aim for Hi-Score on each layout. 3D graphics allow you to manage games won.


Play Sudoku Solitaire with Family and Friends

An unlimited number of Players allows you challenge your friends to compete on Hi-Scores, Games won and Score Statistics.

Advanced Features


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