A selection of the most recent comments from our customers

I think these games of Sudoku are great. I have spent many years playing... thank you and keep up the good work
- Karen Romano, U.S.

Be careful when you buy this as it is extremely addictive. I play while listening to me audio books to keep my mind sharp.
- James Hehling, U.S

I have been playing Sudoku Up for years and play everyday. I would not be without it. Great Game: Thank You.
- Moira Lennox, Great Britain

I am one of your first customers since many years ago... Your state of the art games are my tools to keep me young. Sudoku Up is my favorite, many hours a day... Sudoku Up helps me to maintain my grey cells active. I recommend it to my sons and grandchildren to have fun and keep their minds open. Thanks TreeCardGames!!!
- Bernardo Lazaro Wesler, Argentina

"I love to play Sudoku Up very much on my laptop! Your application works perfect! Thank you very much!"
- Ralph Fischer, Switzerland

"Sudoku Up is very addictive, I play it every day. This game is one of the best sudoku games I have played. It is very good value for money and there are lots of different difficulty levels."
- Debra Smith, Great Britain

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