New Sudoku Up version 12.0

Added the following new Themes:

Flowers and Butterflies

Japanese Room

Tropical Dream Beach

Added the following new numbers: Green and Flowers, Japanese Numbers, Water

New Sudoku Up version 11.0

Added the following new Themes:

Grass and Sky

Play Room


Added the following new number font styles: Classic, Comic, Modern

New Sudoku Up 2020 version 10.0

Added the following new Themes:

Pool Balls


Added the new "Sudoku of the Day" feature. This feature will allow you to play a different and unique Sudoku game for each day of the year

Sudoku of the Day

New Sudoku Up 2018 version 9.0

New features to make it fully compatible with Windows 10 version "Fall Creators Update".

Improved display of the game and user interface on high DPI monitors.

Sudoku Up 2018 - Hi resolution

New Sudoku Up 2017 version 8.0

Added the following new Themes:


Silver Skin

New Sudoku Up 2014 version 7.0

Fully compatible with Windows 10

New "Select Theme" feature

New Sudoku Up 2012 version 6.0

Added the following new Backgrounds: Christmas Gifts, Elegant Fabrics, Grass and Sky, Japanese Room and Spotlights on Stage

New Fonts and Numbers: Children's Blocks, Cork, Birds, Fruits and Gift Boxes

New Grids: Collage, Multi-Colored Wood Frame, Spring Scrapbook, Puppies and Spiral Notepad

Grass and Sky Background with Puppies Grid

New Sudoku Up 2011 version 5.1

Added the following new 3 Backgrounds: Celebration, Daisies and Modern Interior

New Fonts and Numbers: Blue 3D, Party and Square Buttons

New Sudoku Up 2011 version 5.0

Improved the placement of Numbers and Pencil Marks in the grid

Redesigned Statistics dialog boxes

Redesigned Game Won dialog box

Redesigned Grids

New "Grid Size" Option in the "Print Games" Dialog Box

New Backgrounds: Butterflies and Flowers, Skyscrapers and Steampunk Clockworks

New Fonts and Numbers

New Player Pictures

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v12.0 (May 20, 2022)