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Sudoku Up 2017

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Sudoku Up 2017's NEW v8.0 has arrived!

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 New Features in Sudoku Up 2017's - Version 8.0 (April 30, 2017)


Sudoku Up 2017's version 8.0 includes the following new theme:
Sudoku Up 2017 - Bamboo theme

New Skin
Silver Flat
Sudoku Up 2017 - Silver Flat skin

New Toolbar/Ribbon icon buttons

Both for the Ribbon and the classic "Menu and Toolbar" interface, this new version of Sudoku Up includes a new series of icon buttons. They offer a flat and colorful appearance, that matches the colors of the Windows 10 desktop icons.

Sudoku Up 2017 - New Toolbar/Ribbon icon buttons

 Version History


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Download the Free Trial Version! (Sudoku Up 2017's v8.0)

Click here to download the 30-day free Trial version
of Sudoku Up 2017 (18.7 MB).


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