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Version History Details > Sudoku Up 2010's NEW v4.0 has arrived! (June 25, 2010)


 New Features in Sudoku Up 2010's - Version 4.0 (June 25, 2010)


New Deal Animation
Sudoku Up 2010's version 4.0 features 4 new Deal Animations:

  • By Columns

  • By Rows

  • Spread

  • Wave

Sudoku Up 2010 - New Spread Deal Animation screenshot

Pause Command
The Pause command (Ctrl+P) has been redesigned. An image indicating that the pause is active will appear in the center of the layout, while the current background is maintained and grayed.

New Grid Shadow
The Grid now displays a more realistic shadow effect.

Highlight for the Starting Numbers
The Starting Numbers are displayed with a colored background. Removing the highlight will display the Starting Numbers in black, and the user's numbers in green.

New Skins
Sudoku Up 2010's version 4.0 includes 4 new skins:

Sudoku Up 2010 Christmas Skin screenshot
Sudoku Up 2010 Hearts Skin screenshot
Sudoku Up 2010 Springtime Skin screenshot
Sudoku Up 2010 Summertime Skin screenshot

A skin is a customized Graphical User Interface which is used to change the appearance (colors, background, borders, etc.) of Sudoku Up. The skins are available for the new Ribbon interface only.
New Backgrounds
Sudoku Up 2010's version 4.0 includes 5 new backgrounds:
Blue Curves
Sudoku Up 2010 - Blue Curves Background screenshot
Hologram Squares
Sudoku Up 2010 - Hologram Squares Background screenshot
Honey Flowing
Sudoku Up 2010 - Honey Flowing Background screenshot
Summer Lilies
Sudoku Up 2010 - Summer Lilies Background screenshot
Theatre Curtains
Sudoku Up 2010 - Theatre Curtains Background screenshot
New Fonts for the Numbers
Sudoku Up 2010's version 4.0 includes the following new Fonts and Numbers:
In the "Numbers" / "Numbers and Colors" folder:
  • Glossy Blue
  • Plastic Colored
  • Round Circled

Sudoku Up 2010 - new Fonts and Numbers - Plastic Colored

In the "Letters" folder:
  • Animated Letters
  • Foam Alphabet Letters
  • Grass and Sky
  • Paintbrush Letters

Sudoku Up 2010 - new Fonts and Numbers - Foam Alphabet Letters

In the "Images" folder:
  • Emoticons
  • Game Icons
  • Pool Balls
  • Shiny Round Buttons

Sudoku Up 2010 - new Fonts and Numbers - Emoticons


Download the Free Trial Version! (Sudoku Up 2018's NEW v9.0 - January 4, 2018)

Click here to download the 30-day free Trial version
of Sudoku Up 2018 (18.7 MB).


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